A General Outline on How to Get Started With Linux

I have been using Linux for two years and now I am adept with it unexpectedly. At first, it seems like a huge mountain to overcome, especially when your boss demands you to finish work the soonest possible. But I opted on using Linux than using another operating system (OS) without a license. As we all know that pirating is stealing. I need to respect intellectual property right since as a teacher, I am expected to practice what I preach. And besides I have with me A "A General Outline on How to Get Started With Linux" - helps me with my journey and great discovery on taking advantage of the free operating system. I'm glad that I made one of the wisest decisions with regards to work. Linux makes my files safe because of firewalls and netfilters. Within my 2 years of installing Linux operating system and even up to now the system has been never reformatted. That is how stable Linux is. Learning to operated Linux was at first a daunting task-like the other OS- but if you will happily take the challenge you will significantly see positive results. Most experts in our locality like to use Linux, it is probably offers more room towards becoming a competent programmer. What I heard -since I am not that expert in the programming world- that passing an Information and Computer Technology (ICT) licensure examination is easy for Linux user. It is may be because of getting used with the programming language when using Linux operating system. A famous University in our locality promotes the use of Linux. That is why I am also promoting the use of Linux to my high school students.


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