Teachers Revolted

Teachers have been molded to become meek. They have high tolerance on those who oppressed them. They are submissive even they knew that their superiors are deceiving them all along. It is not because they are ignorant but they just don't like to create any tensions. They are given lots of work by their superior. Requiring a file of paper works that are sometimes meaningless just to keep them busy. Like for example requiring teachers to item analyze the test questions and yet it is not the same questions which will be used the next school year. What is the purpose of analyzing? It is to standardize the test. But what is the purpose of standardizing? So that you use the question again on the next test. Teachers sometimes think that superior's are sometime impractical. On the part of the teachers the superiors must think of ways to protect his/her teachers and the students. Teachers are so busy with the pressure from the superior and coping with his/her responsibilities to her students. And sometimes they fail to keep track of their Government Insurance remittances. Not knowing that the personnel officers are juggling the funds and would sometimes fail to remit the teachers' GSIS (Government Sercurity Insurance Services) remittance. Teachers think that it was intentional and it made them to revolt against their superiors. They think it was unjust that they already paid the GSIS accountabilities as reflected on their payslip. But when they asked the GSIS office the November and December GSIS payables were not remitted. This made them so angry and cry for their right. They are not happy to revolt but it is not right not to fight for their right.


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