Most Outstanding Teacher

A controversial streamer have been fixedly hanging in front of Iligan City Division. It has been posted for several months to inform many that how proud is the division to have a teacher like him. But to others it pauses so many questions whether he really deserves to be acclaimed as the most outstanding teacher in region X. Some people would intriguingly challenge him for being an outstanding. This top challenger is sadly the one who only garnered the 2nd award during the previous search. I think as his wife, they are just envious of his accomplishments. I think he desrves to have that award. The region should not be the only one who will be happy to have hime I think, the Philippines should be happy to have a teacher like him. He actually graduated cumlaude from a well known University. Othe teachers like him turn their backs on the Philippines and serve other countries just to earn good money. Forgetting that students are longing for a teacher like them.


Tita Beng said...

Hey, congrats to your husband! Our country really needs his kind.

uncle dan said...

congratz pud mam.. wife gud sa outstanding teacher..
"In Every man's success, there is a woman behind"


God Bless mam!

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