Saving your valuable house

After our wedding last May 25, 2000, We moved in a house from someone we know. We assume the mortgage from a well known housing loan agency in our place. We lived there for 2 years and paid the house on a monthly basis. At first the house was nice but as months passed by the house were worn out/ damage speedily. Rain gets inside the house easily because of some leaks coming from the roof. I also later noticed that the floor is half centimeter away from the wall and it became the breeding ground of cockroaches. We already hired a carpenter many times but still the problems was not solved. This made me realized on the need for remodeling the house or build another house. I chose the latter, but I have some regrets on giving-up my first house. Firstly, it has a sentimental value for me. Secondly, it was a lucky house because we had a small grocery store beside the house and an internet caf'e that gave us extra income. And lastly, it is close to my parents' house. If we only have this great Chicago remodeling in our place, I would not have abandoned my first house. My aunt in Chicago shared this great remodeling contractor to me. And I saw in the internet via a web cam and digital pictures shared online how her house transcend into a very comfortable house to live in. She said that she must save her house because she likes her neighbors. Very unfortunate I did not remodeled my first house.


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