What I like

Even at the age of thirty-six (36), I often find myself day dreaming of what my house should be. I thought that day dreaming is for teen-agers. Sometimes, I would think of extending our veranda, change the tiles in our comfort room, and replace two kitchen sinks - inside the house and in our dirty kitchen- into a tarnish free triple bowl sinks. I think it is so important to have a clean and sparkling kitchen sinks. Clean kitchen sinks reflects who you are, whether you are a kind of person conscious with your household hygiene. So it is really important to have stainless kitchen sinks, because tarnish can give room for bacteria to grow. I also like to have a sink with more than one bowls so that I can easily segregate used kitchen wares from the clean ones. Traditionally, our family are used to have two kitchen sinks.
Recently, I have achieved one of my day dreams because I renovated the bedroom of my in-laws who live with us to help us with our immediate household chores need. We were so satisfied with the improvement. At least their bedroom is now spacious and likable of staying at longer period. My in-laws will have more time together. We spent more or less seventy five thousand pesos (P 75,000) for the renovation, quite a lot of money but the thinking of my in-law's comfort is worth the price. Up to now, I still day dream a lot. And I plan to do some improvements in my kitchen next month.


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