My kid's pop-icon

My daughter at the age of six really could not believe upon knowing that Michael Jackson passed away last Thursday. She keeps on asking me all sorts of questions about the Pop-Icon. She would asked me why he died and why he has to die. She's so worried of not being able to listen to his songs anymore. I comforted her and said not to worry because Granpa has a Michael Jackstone (the way she used to pronounce) CD to play anytime you want to listen.

Just this evening, while having our supper, she was also listening to the TV news. She can't prevent herself from instantly running to our living room to watch the ongoing news.

I am so moved, on the way how she expresses her empathy, She seems to think that Michael is her close friend. Michael's song "Heal the World" was her lullaby during her toddler years. And in her kindergarten years, she used to sing these lyrics: there are beautiful garden instead of there are people dying. She is so innocent of the negative rumor about him such as holding his baby out from the window. The idea of Michael as a bad person is unacceptable to her. To my daughter,
Michael is an Angel.


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