Third Day of the SFS Training(May 7, 2009)

Opening Prayer was initiated by Ma’am Lyn and the energizer by Ma’am Rhea

In the morning it was Ma’am Rhea’s assignment to discuss Module7: Facilitating Learning. During the Skit contest (as preparation for exercise 2: Change) one of the participants has no partner. So I joined the said contest.

Before lunch break, I handled module 8: Project Overview and Planning. I observed that the participants were used to playing the role of a student. They were letting me checked and approved their work. They were also used to my presence and that anytime I can listen to their discussions and remind them to always refer to their manual.

In the afternoon, I initiated the energizer “Balay balay ni superman” and then they started the Module 9: Project Doing.

Module 7-9 summary was given as an assignment.

Giving of feedback follows. All were positive.


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