Fourth Day of the SFS Training (May 8, 2009)

Opening prayer initiated by Sir Tope.
Module 7, 8, and 9 were processed by pair.
I would admit that my pairing strategy was almost unsuccessful. I need to improve on this aspect. I will consider adopting the electronic-aided-grouping shown by Ma’am Amy and Rhea.

It was time for Module 10: Project Reviewing. I instructed them to practice their presentation, rehearse their time properly, budget their 10 minutes time allotment per group, and anticipate questions coming from the audience. I also allowed them to check if all important elements are present in their MS Presentation and then informed them to save their work.
When it is time to share their work, the participants asked to give them more time to review their project until 1:00 p.m. Time passed by and they asked another time. I was having difficulty to stop them to work on their project. I needed to stop them or else Ma’am Mona will reprimand me to stop them. Good thing that I found a statement to stop them that is by allowing them to explain verbally the things they did not include in their presentation.
Module 11: Project Sharing went on well. It was because most of our participants are content experts.

In the afternoon, I instructed them to do Technology and beyond instead of just giving them an overview of it. I encouraged them to share their ideas on how students will be graded in their TLE subject especially when they will use the SFS course. I let them visit the RTA website and the community of learning website. Registering to RTA website was not possible because of the site’s technical problems. I told them to register later.
Before the parallel session, I was able to roughly discuss to the participants about
curriculum-matching. And then I found out that only 4 participants are TLE teachers and 19 of them are Non-TLE teachers. I then knew that curriculum matching and implementation for Non-TLE teachers will be difficult compared to TLE teachers. I can’t avoid my self to bring out this situation during the parallel session.

Then we went back to our assigned laboratory and finished the curriculum matching until 5:00 o’clock in the afternoon. The training ended with a heavy snack.


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