Never needed of an Electrician Not until Now

I cannot recall since I was a kid that our house needed of any services from an electrician not until now. All electrical problems were handled efficiently by my Dad. When I got married and built my dream house last 2000, I let my Dad install the electrical wirings. It was perfectly installed with minimal cost. My family is so fortunate that we were blessed with Dad’s electrical skills. My Dad had lots of skills but it is in electrical jobs that he can work best. I rely so much on Dad in this aspect even my hubby cannot do my Dad’s work. There are only a few people vested with this kind of skill. Now, My Dad’s physical condition is not anymore as good as before. He got stroke last July of 2008.
Since then, there was nobody to fix our electrical problems as good as my Dad. I kept on searching until I found Charlotte Electricians. They are the competent electricians that we can contract in Delectrics which can be contacted by means of an internet or by calling them in telephone numbers (704) 315-2391. Delectrics is a company that offers committed and personalized electrical installation and repair services, whether large or small in scope. Their primary concern is their costumer’s satisfaction. They specializes in:
  • Expert new wiring methods guaranteed for life
  • Complete wiring from ground up in Retail Stores, Restaurants, Office Buildings, Warehouses and Small Industrial Buildings
  • Remodeling and Repairs such as Signage, Displays, Light Fixtures, Panel Boards, New Branch Circuits, Motors and Controls, Generator Sets and Communication Cables
  • Licensed owner concerned for your safety and property comes out to every job
  • Faster, more accurate diagnosis means faster and less costly repairs

If you want to see it for yourself, feel free to visit their site. Their site will help you find electricians that you can comfortably communicate and inform about your electrical problems at home. It allows you to bid for an affordable fee without omitting quality electrical services. You can also avail of their free estimates if work is over $ 400. The site also has a very short electronic form where you can easily fill-out incase you request a phone call.

My Dad gives Charlotte Electrician a two-thumbs-up for their services. Hiring them is like reviving Dad’s skillful hands.


lvs said...

Yes I can understand what you mean here. I know you must be missing your dad.

I also often miss my parents. They could fix just anything. I realize that even with simple things I am in a fix.

Recently in one of my posts I wondered if the current generation is more intelligent than previous ones. I know it is not true every time I think of what all my parents can do and what I cannot. But still if you look around the current gen seems to have achieved a lot more than the previous ones.

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