How can we make our Dad happy?

That's my Dad seating on a wheelchair. Behind him is my sister Joy. He looks happy while watching all his grandchildren playing the bubbles. But his smiles are just temporary. He is oftenfilled with bitterness in life and grief than with joy because he does not like his situation right now. He is half paralyzed. Before, he was a line man with an "A" rating in Iligan Light and Power Inc. (ILPI). He was workaholic and outgoing. He was also a Purok President because every neighborhood was his friend. Right now, he often murmurs on negative things such as killing himself etc. He felt that all my younger sisters and brothers including my Mom are not anymore taking care of him. I myself is guilty because I am just recently giving my services to my Dad this summer of 2009. He got stroke last July 2008. He only had his physical therapy (PT) sessions at home for 9 months. Currently, we decided to let him have his PT sessions at the hospital hoping that the change of environment would also change his outlook in life. In the hospital, he can interact with people who also have the same case. At least, he will be able to realize that his situation is better that others who experienced the same. His mind actually is still quick and can easily remember/ recall things.
My sisters, brothers and mom who are in the same house with Dad are starting to become passive. I cannot blame them because they are probably tired of hearing Dad,s negative words. I just hope that they can still extend their patience because Dad's situation is not easy. He is physical condition affects him psychologically. My Dad is starting to feel more insecure now that his retirement benefit is diminishing. He thinks that when he don't have money no body will take care of him. I tried to assured him that his children are not like that. I hope my sisters and brothers will be able to read this blog and extend their Love and patience to our Dad just to make him happy.


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