NCBTS E-Version

It is already vacation time but teachers are not having their vacation yet. This month of April we are having series of seminar workshops on National Competency-Based Teacher Standards (NCBTS).
Teachers find the computation of NCBTS as tedious because it comprises of 270 indicators to measure whether a teacher is effective or not. But, there is a way to make computations easier with the use of "NCBTS E-Version". All you need is a computer, printer with black and colored ink, and 3 bond papers. Just click on the MS-Excel icon below.


Anonymous said...

It's good that we had our seminar about the e-version of the ncbts and ippd before we do our computations. Thanks for the superiors who made this possible. Now, it only took me less than half an hour to accomplish my ncbts. I hope that more programs will be made easier for teachers.Thank you and GODSPEED!!!mc

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