Keeping the Family Physically Healthy

I can still remember when I was as young as my son. I often ran and joined group playing. As far as I can remember, joining in a group to play was not so difficult for me. But, my son is having difficulty to fit-in with kids in our neighborhood. My son is overweight and he is the least wanted group member when playing a patentero because he is easily caught.My hubby and I often encourage him to play with kids in the neighborhood but he has always a reason not to play. Instead, he finds the comfort in playing the computer games.
I plan this summer that my family should spend more time to exercise. I bought a badminton set so that my whole family will enjoy playing every afternoon at the same time it will make us physically healthy.I hope this is one way that my son will be able to reduce his weight to blend in with kids of his age.


Cebuanong Hilaw said...

Yes i found another teacher that blog

Tita Beng said...

Hi Anna!
Playing badminton is really a good way to shed some pounds and also a good bonding moment.
Have fun and take care!

devianty said...

i love badminton so badminton is good for health..

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