Maximum Allowed Number of Words when Quoting Other's Work

I learned yesterday from Dr. Evelyn Mae Tecson-Mendoza, Editor-in-Chief, Philippine Agricultural Scientist (Intercollegeate Studies Institute Journal, ISI Journal) that the maximum permissible number of words to be quoted from other’s work is only 50.

If quoted work exceeds 50 words then you must ask permission from the author.
Asking permission can easily be done by emailing the author. If the author approves then print a hard copy of the approval letter (sent by email) and attached in the appendix of your paper. Of course do not also forget to cite the author's name after the quotation.
If the author doesn’t approve then paraphrase the work of an author make sure that you will not change the taught or else you will be charge of being fraudulent. Make the paraphrasing as concise as possible.


fedhz said...

Wow.. thanks for that. I think I have heard of that before. but thanks for reminding me. ^^

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