Soap Making

Before making your own soap please be reminded of the warning below:

Warning! NaOH is corrosive. Observe safety measures when dealing with sodium hydroxide. Use anti-thermal shock glass wares.

Do the following steps:
1. Mix 18 g of coconut oil, 21 g olive oil, and 21 g vegetable shortening in a clean and dry 250-ml beaker ; Set aside and label this Mixture as A.
2. Prepare 25% NaOH by dissolving 7.5 g of NaOH in a glass of warm distilled water at about 60-75 degrees Celsius. Make sure that the total mass of this mixture is 30 g.
3. Heat mixture A at a constant temperature from 60-75 degrees Celsius with constant stirring using glass rod.
4. Carefully pour the Mixture A into the warm 25% NaOH. Stir but not vigorously and maintain the specified temperature.
5. Add 2- 3 drops of colorant and or a scented essential oil. (Optional)
6. Pour in a molding when desired consistency is attained.
Many like to experiment on the use of other source of oil. They would like to test whether it can remove dirt or clean the skin better than the usual oil source.
Soap quality is measured by its solubility, alkalinity and its ability to remove metal cations such as Fe, Na, Mg, Ca and K. The how? … will be posted on the next blog.




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