Preparing the Concentration of Different Metallic Salts

Promised earlier to post for the quality testing of soap but we cannot go direct to that in one step. We will tackle each one at a time. First we should prepare the concentration of the following metallic salts:
A. Prepare 5% by weight of NaCl, 5% by weight of FeCl3, 5% by weight of MgCl2, 5% by weight of KCl, and 5% by weight of CaCl2 or any metallic salts. Here are the steps:
1.Weigh 1 g of NaCl. Place it in a small beaker. Slowly pour distilled water up to 20 ml.
2.Repeat procedure 1 to prepare the desired concentration of the rest of the metallic salts or you may proceed to step B for my suggested concentration.
B. Prepare another concentration as the 2nd replicate this time 15% by weight. To prepare, just repeat procedure 1 and use 3 g instead of 1 g of each of the metallic salt mentioned above.
C.Prepare the 3rd replicate with a concentration of 25% by repeating procedure 1 but use 5 g of each of the mettalic salt.
Note that you can increase the concentration by using the percent by weight formula:

%m/m= mass solute/mass solution * 100%
I'l be posting soon the how to test for soap's ability to remove metallic salts.


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