Research/Investigatory Project Idea

I shared to my students the idea on coming up with a research project that removes the odor from coconut milk by mixing it with an activated charcoal and then filter or by placing the solid refrigerated coconut milk beside an activated charcoal. I think that odor will be removed using the adsorptive property of the charcoal. I remember many years ago, I experimented on removing the color from a commercial orange juice using an activated charcoal. I mixed the activated charcoal with the commercial orange juice and the mixture turns black. I separated the liquid mixture from the solid (charcoal) using the same set-up shown in this page. I noticed that the filtrate becomes white. Perhaps the adsorptive property of charcoal can also be used to remove odor. Why not try and test it for yourself as your Investigatory Project. The odorless coconut milk can also be used as your organic hypoallergenic biofriendly hair conditioner.


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