Helping Your Kid With Math Word Problems

My Kid will participate in the 2009 Metrobank-MTAP (Math Teachers Association of the Philippines)- DepEd Math Challenge this Thursday January 8, 2009. We as his parents helped him last Christmas vacation to improve his skills on solving Math word problems. I tried surfing on the Net for a MTAP review materials for Math Challenge. But I was desperate to find out that none of my needed materials is available on the Net. So my husband (a mathematics teacher) and I (a science teacher) created and modified a set of questions that would help improve the mathematic skills of our Kid.
if you are interested visit this site and be a follower: MTAP Math Challenge Grade I. We will be posting more word problems with key answers.


Priya said...

Hello Anna,

That's a great initiative from your side. I am sure many kids will benefit from the MTAP guide.

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jade said...

hello ma'am.this is jade, a mother of a 7 year old girl, a grade 1 student in a public school here in negros.She will be competing for the MTAp math challenge on monday(the test was cancelled because the test materials just arrived from manila yesterday). I feel a glimpse of hope when i read your blog. i've been searching the net for possible review materials for math, but to no avail.I am very thankful right now, because someone out there has the same sentiment with me, to equip my kid with bright ideas on how to cope up with this kind of math challenge.please, i also want have your MTAP guide too, it's not too late to do the cramming.your material will be the hope of my kid to excel in math.this is my email coolbu0126@yahoo.com. i hope and pray that u can share it with me. i'm very desperate. and i want my kid to be happy.i would be a great help for my sister, she's a grade 1 teacher in a remote barrio school, and also a coach for the contest. we share notes all the time but not that so substantial for MTAp qualifying test.thank very much Ma'am.hope to have a positive response from you.jade

erwin said...

Hi Ms. Anna,
First of all thank you for coming up with this, its a great help for us parents to have a site wherein we can get math questions for our children, my daugther has been competing for MTAP and MTG for almost 4 years now and had consistently joined the Individual and group finals in MTAP, I was wondering if you can post questions for Grades 4-6? I would greatly appreciate it, thanks again.

erwin said...

Hi Ms. Anna,
Thanks for having this kind of site, I would just like ask if it is possible for you to post math problems for grade 4,5 or 6 too? My daughter is know Gr 4 and is consistently competing for MTAP and MTG as well. I'd be very grateful if you could provide us some materials to use as reviewers. Thanks again and God Bless.

JADE said...

hello, i browsed the net for possible insights about math, i happened to visit this site and i found this very interesting. you can check this, www.mathstories.com, join click member log in,admin:teach, password:wbr.u can see lots of printable math problems and answers too.i'm glad my kid got third place in their MTAP challenge for grade 1.thank God.

2011 MTAP Math Challenge Schedule said...

The Metrobank, Department of Education and Mathematics Teachers Association of the Philippines (MTAP) have the following schedules lined up for the conduct of the 2011 MTAP Math Challenge for Individual and Team levels for elementary and secondary students in public and private schools.

Source: http://www.bazics.net/2010/11/2011-mtap-math-challenge-schedule.html

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