Cheaper and Safer Solution to have Healthy Hair

I have been using ordinary shampoo and conditioner for my curly hair but I noticed that it only makes my hair brittle and unmanageable. I keep on thinking and doing for some ways to make my hair healthy. I went to a parlor and paid an amount equivalent to 5 days of my salary. But it only gave me a temporary solution to my hair problems. And then I remember what my Grandma was doing to her hair. She was always massaging her hair with a coconut milk every week end. I tried making the formula like Grandma and it works so good except for the odor. Then it came into my mind there is a way to remove the odor from the coconut milk. Here are the steps:
1. Break the coconut shell.
2. Collect the coconut water using 500 ml container. Set aside to be used later.
3. Grate the coconut milk.
4. Mix the grated coconut with the collected coconut water from step 2.
5. Squeeze the grated coconut and strain the coconut milk. Collect the coconut milk using another 500 ml container.
6. Put in a refrigerator to separate the water and the pure coconut milk. The liquid will remain in the bottom while the pure coconut milk will solidify and be on top.
7. Get the solidified pure coconut milk and place in another container with the lemon skin to remove the odor.
8. When the solid coconut milk is free from odor then it is ready to be used in massaging your hair.

Try it for yourself this is an organic way to keep your hair healthy without any allergic reactions or any side effects.


Gil said...

...Its truly effective... =)

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