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Illigan City National High School
Iligan City
Sy 2008-2009
1st Periodical Test
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I. Multiple Choices. Write the letter that corresponds to the correct answer on the space provided before each number.
______1. Which is not part of a research proposal?
a. Introduction b. Review of Related Literature c. Methodology d. Recommendation
______2. All of the following are part of a research proposal EXCEPT.
a. Budget Plan and Time Frame b. Bibliography c. Conclusion d. Conceptual Framework
______3. Which is the correct order of a research proposal?
a. Introduction, Review of Related Literature, Methodology, Budget Plan and Time Frame, Bibliography.
b. Introduction, Review of Related Literature, Methodology, Data, Collection and Interpretation, Budget Plan and Time Frame, Bibliography.
c. Introduction, Review of Related Literature, Methodology, Data, Collection and Interpretation, Conclusion, Budget Plan and Time Frame, Bibliography.
d. Introduction, Review of Related Literature, Methodology, Data, Collection and Interpretation, Conclusion and Recommendation, Budget Plan and Time Frame, Bibliography.
______4. All of the following is part of the Chapter I EXCEPT a. Background of the Study
b. Statement of the problem c. Hypotheses d. Significance of the study
______5. Which is FALSE about research?
a. systematic way of asking questions. b. Helped explain observed phenomenon
c. Suggest solution to a problem d. Put our lives to risk
______6. Which research skill is not used by Nurses?
a. Gathering information from relative/carers who accompany the patient to hospital.
b. Monitoring and reporting of patient’s mental and physical state.
c. Giving a prescription to patients.
d. Negotiating individual daily counselling sessions with primary clients to identify and problem solve various issues.
______7. Mankind is benefited from research EXCEPT:
a. find a way to solve rice shortage problem b. invent explosive materials to be used in fishing
c. discover virus d. improve the quality of fruits through GMO
______8. The following are the reasons why research is important to businessman EXCEPT:
a. improve the quality of the product b. increase the sales of competitors
c. increase number of buyers d. come out with a good strategy.
______9. Which is NOT the result of developing a research culture in our country?
a. updated technology b. work alone
c. competitive goods c. abundance and sustainable food supply
______10. Review of Related Literature consists of the following EXCEPT:
a. Scope and Delimitation b. Conceptual Framework c. hypotheses d. definition of Terms
______11. Review of Related Literature includes the following EXCEPT:
a. researches conducted in the past b. reviews most recent findings
c. suggest an explanation of an observed phenomenon d. Past procedures and techniques used
______12. Which is true in writing a Review of Related Literature?
a. Authors should not be cited. b. Only similarities are discussed
c. facts and concepts are discussed d. recent studies are discussed
______13. In a research study about plant, which should NOT be in the Review of Related Literature?
a. common name, scientific name, classification of organism.
b. description of habitat, anatomy, physiology, life cycle and behaviours.
c. draw conclusion
d. providing detailed information in areas that are directly applicable to the study.
______14. What apparatus is used to measure pH?
a. pH meter b. pH indicator c. litmus paper d. methyl orange
______15. ___ an apparatus used to measure mass.
a. weighing balance b . ruler c. tape measure d. verneir calliper
______16. Experimental procedure must be written in
a. detailed manner b. third person d. passive voice d. all of the above
______17. Experimental procedure is consist of :
a. materials b. bibliography c. citation d. all of the above.
______18. Which question is answered when writing an Introduction?
a. Why did you conduct the study? b. How to conduct the study?
c. What is the result of the study? c. When will the study be conducted?
______19. Scope and Delimitation of the Study consist of the following EXCEPT:
a. scope of the area of study b. time frame of the study
c. scope of the problem d. all materials used
______20. CARS stands for a. Completed Academic Requirements
b. Complete Applied Research Study c. Create a Research Space d. Create a Research Steps
______21. Which is the correct order on the steps of CARS?
a. Establishing a territory, Establishing a niche, and occupying the niche
b. Establishing a niche, Establishing a territory and occupying the niche
c. Occupying the niche, Establishing a niche, and Establishing a territory
d. Occupying the niche, Establishing a territory, and Establishing a niche
______22. Identify which is a problem. a. Lack of lunchtime for ICNHS students
b. DepEd provide books c. Gov't provide better houses d. Not enough water supply
______23. What is the solution to overcrowded houses and poor ventilation? a. remove weeds
b. govt. help householders to build better houses c. plant trees d. proper waste disposal
______24. Which is NOT the function of Introduction?
a. give readers the result of the study b. give readers the conclusion of the study
c. give readers a comprehensive view of the particular field of the study
d. give readers the proper steps in conducting and testing the hypothesis.
______25. Why reporting of past study is needed in writing the review of related literature?
a. to avoid unintentional duplication b. to acknowledge author
c. to provide an intensive steps on recommending a study d. to unlocked difficult terms.
______26. Review Related Literature helps researcher to
a. stay focused on the chosen topic b. find the right methods to conduct the study
c. to avoid unintentional duplication d. all of these
______27. Related Studies is a. taken from recent studies conducted by other researchers
b. taken from books c. taken from proven theories d. taken from e-books
______28. Which is the best technique in writing the Review of Related Literature?
a. Create categories b. grouping similar studies c. start with the most recent d. all of these
______29. Theoretical and Conceptual Framework is
a. general statement which forms the frame of reference for your inquiry or investigation.
b. usually written in the form of a diagram
c. provides the basis for conducting your research d. all of these
For numbers 30- 34, use the following information:
Hypothesis: The mean heights of plants exposed to 0%, 10%, 20% and 30% substance A are not significantly different.
Choices: a. independent variable b. dependent variable c. non-directional hypothesis
d. directional hypothesis e. alternative hypothesis
______30. Extracts ______31. Heights of plants ______32. type of hypothesis
______33. Hypothesis is ___. a. wild guess b. intelligent guess
c. an explanation of an observed phenomenon. d. both a & b
______34. Identify the type of hypothesis in this statement: Interest and test performance are significantly related
For numbers 34-37 use these choices: a. Generalization b. Enumeration c. Sequence
d. Classification e. Comparison/Contrast
______34. The extension or clarification of main ideas through explanations or examples.
______35. Examining the relationships between two or more things.
______36. List of facts ______37. Grouping items into classes
Use choices below to answer 38-42:
(a) Studies have shown that trihalomethane (THM) formation can be modeled as a linear function of chlorine demand (Jones AB 1986; Jones CD 1995).

(b) "No nation in the world has so many drastic problems squeezed into so small a place, under such urgent pressure of time and heavy burden of history, as Israel" (Tuchman, 2007).
(c) Bangsa Moro ("the Moro People") is the generic name for the 13 ethnolinguistic Muslim tribes in the Philippines which constitute a quarter of the population in Mindanao in the Southern Philippines. They number from 5-6 million and are found in every major island of the country. They share a distinct culture, speak different dialects, are varied in their social formation but share a common belief in Islam. This is a uniting factor among the different groups.(Alim, G.M. et al., 1990).
(d) Thus, an extended period hydraulic simulation (Rao and Bree 1977) will yield a periodic set of network flows that also repeat indefinitely.
(e) Studies have shown that trihalomethane (THM) formation can be modeled as a linear function of chlorine demand (Nguyen 1997a, 1997b).
______38. single author citation ______39. multiple authors citation ______40. two authors
______41. Two or more different authors with the same last name.
______42. Two or more documents by the same author in the same year.
43-44. Arrange the bibliographic information according the correct format:
1. Biological Effects of Radiation
2. Academic Press, Inc.]
3. New York
4. 1979
5. Daniel S. Grosch, Raul J. Hugon, and Maase H. Von der
48-51. Enumerate the 4 characteristics of a hypothesis.
52. Give a good example of a hypothesis.


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