Research I 2nd Periodical Test (SY 2009-2010)

Research I
2nd Periodical Test
SY 2009-2010
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I. Multiple Choice: Write the letter that corresponds to the correct answer before each number.
______1.        Statistics is a branch of mathematics that deals with 
A. collecting, organizing, presenting, analyzing & Interpreting data.  
B. connecting, omitting, preparing, acting, & integrating data 
            C. collecting, omitting, preparing, acting & interpreting data
            D. collecting, organizing, presenting, acting & interpreting data
______2.       Which of the following is considered a role of statistics in the line of business and economics                     A. destroying employee-employer relationship  B. take advantage of clients needs                            C. forecasting business trends      D. neglect consumers’ welfare
______3.       Government utilizes statistics in organizing and analyzing various records EXCEPT                          A. taxes   B. natural resources  C. movement of population  D. feelings
______4.       Statistics help DepEd to A. disorganize data on intelligence scores B. worsen personality traits                     C.  explain behavioral patterns   D. increase students’ performance.
______5.       ____ is one of the basic concepts in statistics and which refers to observable characteristic or phenomena or a person or object whereby the members of the group or set vary or differ from one another.
A.     Variable   B. Weather  C. Climate  D. Summation
______6.      Which is classified as discrete variable  A. number of deaths B. height  C. weight   D. temperature
______7.       Identify one example of continuous variable    A. number of children age 12-17                                            B. number of drop-out                       C. time                         D. basketball scores
To answer numbers 8-9 use these sample title (The Effect of Different Colors of Light in Attracting and Catching Fish)  and choices A. Effect of different colors of light  B. attracting and cathing fish C. Light attracting fish               D. Different colors of light
______8.       Which is the dependent variable?       ______9. Which is the independent variable?
______10.   ____is a statistical tool that seeks to give implications pertaining to the populations by studying its representative samples.  A. descriptive   B. inferential  C. deductive   D. none of these
Use the following choices to answer nos. 11-16. A. nominal  B. ordinal C. interval D. ratio
______11.   statistical test scores    ______12. 1st,, 2nd, 3rd place in Bb. & G. Agham
  1.  height of plant growth         ______14. Employee's ID
  1. temperature in Kelvin scale  ______16. test result (pass/fail)
Use the following answer numbers 17-21 A. textular  B. tabular  C. semi-tabular  D. graphical method
  1.  Use of pie chart
  2.  effective way of presting numerical data
  3.  Non numerical way of comparing, contrasting, synthesizing and generalizing data when employed alone elict boredom
  4.  Use of 18& 19 method of presenting data
  5.  Use of bar graph
  6.  Which is a quantitative data? A. the height of each student in Psychology class                                             B. political party of each senator  C. marital status of each person D. religious affiliation of each patient
  7.  Which is the symbol of sigma notation A. Xi  B. Yi  C. Ƶ   D.
  8.   means A. X1 + X2 +…+ Xn   B. X1 + X2 …+ Xn   C. X1 + X2 +…Xn   D. X1 + X2 +…+ X6  
  9.  Sigma notation refers to A. total   B. to take the sum C. A & B D. none of these
For 26-28. Select the method of collecting data:                      A. interview     B. questionnaire
C. registration                    d. other method
  1.  asking questions personally and verbally
  2.  written way of asking questions
  3.  data taken from offices

  1. Problem Solving. The following scores were given by 6 judges for a gymnast's performance in the vault of an internation meet:


Solve the following
29-30.              31-32. 2        33-34.  5           35-36.  2 + 

  1. Time magazine collected information on all 464 people who died from gunfire in the Philippines during one week.  Here are the ages of 50 men randomly selected from that population.  Construct a frequency distribution table.

Using 7 intervals and start with  the lowest.
Fill the table below using the above data (21 pts).
Class intervals
Class boundaries
Class Marks
Cumulative Frequency


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