Crossword Puzzle in Research Subject



1 A suggestion on what to do in the future.

5 An observable characteristic.

2 An assumption

6 A hypothesis of no difference.

3 Support information needed to strengthen the research study.

7 A back-up hypothesis.

4 A written text of the issue that needs to be addressed.
9 A hypothesis that shows the effect of 2 variables

8 A hypothesis that states the effect.

10 The"if" and "then" hypothesis.

11 A procedure

12 States the restriction of the study.

14 Are descriptions of the observations.

13 List of the complete information where, who, and when the texts were taken.

16 Are the operational meaning of words used in the study.

15 Summary of the study found in first pages.

17 An explanation to the observation.

20 A variable that cause the change.

18 Importance

21 A variable that keeps on changing due to some factors.

19 A text that describes the gaps on the previous studies.

23 Other important documents attached in the study. Usually found at the last of the paper.
22 Variables maintained so that it wont affect the experiment.

24 List of titles  arranged according to the order it appears on the paper.

25 A Flow/Sketch of the logical arguments.


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