Helping my Brother

I used to know my brother as a kind person. As a kid the whole member of the family adores him. It seems that every little thing do circulate on his favor. At that time there were still three kids in our family-Me, my sis and my brother. When the 4th, 5th, 6th, and 7th members of our family came the attention diverted away from my brother. He has given less attention and resorted into drugs. I know that he has a kindness in him. Every member of the family is now rude to him because he has now the tendency of stealing valuable things in the house.  My Sisters don't have a peace of mind when our brother is around. Me being an older sister feel so sorry for my brother. I hope there is some way we can help him. My brother used to be kind. He is so easy to talk with. He is softs poken. He is full of ambition but now he is always overcome by urge to be drug. I know one way to help is to turn him into Drug Rehab. He tried to change many times. He tried to overcoming the resistance to use drug but he couldn't do it alone. He needs the help of an expert. An expert that removes drug dependency in a gradual manner. This can only be done if we will turn over him to Drug Rehab Center. He really needs a Drug Rehabilitation program that has many options like Individual Therapy, Group Therapy, Therapy Based Excursions, Art Therapy, Health and Wellness Program, Healthy Meal Planning Program, and Spirituality Workshop.I'm really sure that drug dependency will be overcome if one is expose to this different drug rehabilitation program. I know there is still a way. A chance to change for the sake of his own family.


Alice said...

Very nice post;this proves that if there is family support then one can overcome any obstacle in life.Great work to help your brother to overcome his urge to drug.
Good luck.

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