This section contains the implications of the research findings. Following are suggestions for writing recommendations.
  1. Recommendations are based on specific findings. If a directly relevant finding cannot be cited, the recommendation is not acceptable.]
  2. Two implications of research findings are:
a. implications for action(i.e, in the light of a particular finding, what implications for further research (i.e., what should be done) and policies that may be formulated.

b. Implications for further research (i.e, what improvements can be done on the present study; how the present study may be expanded; etc.).

Item 2.a gives the reader a good justification for the research. It is as if somenone made this comment: "So these are your research findings and conclusions. So what? What should we do?

Item 2.b is helpful to readers who are looking for a good subject to research on. But the recommendation for further research is only secondary to the recommendation for action and/or policy or formulation.


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