Serious business

 I was so amazed by one of our former high school students here in ours school who offer a massage for any amount. He gave not only a massage but also an entertainment with a lot of songs and jokes. His massage will last about an hour-enough to revive a tired body. Another surprise which I did not expect from a student of ours is that he extended a fitness business cards to all teachers. He has a lot of businesses. He grabs any opportunity just to get a lot of clients. He makes himself reachable by giving his business cards to whoever catches his attention. In fact he earns enough money to live a good life. All because of his talent and a right business strategy. I really could not expect that a high school student has seen the importance of giving business cards to keep the business going. Many businessmen neglect the importance of this and they failed to notice and realize even up to the point when their business is down. To keep business up! Consider making yourself reachable by distributing business cards to any potential clients.



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