Window blinds or curtains?

 Which one do you prefer window blinds or curtains? Many favors to have window blinds installed than curtains. Its because window blinds can control the light from entering to your house better than curtains. It also regulates air better. If you use curtains and you don't like the glaring sunlight, most people  would put down the curtains but this would prevent the air from entering. The house temperature would be regulated better when you use window blinds than curtain. When using curtains you tend to enjoy only one. Its either the privileged of controlling the amount of light or air. You can't have both. But with window blinds you are in complete control. Nowadays manufacturers even evolve its window blinds into something like
venetian blinds to conform with the state of the art -suiting it into the house owners taste A lot of colors are available today and it is manufactured to avoid UV degradation. Sizes of it can be customized depending on the size of your windows. No need of resizing your windows just to fit the window blinds. 
So I'll go for window blinds than curtains.


sandy said...

I like the old fashion roll up shades, they really make the room dark at night which I like and during the day keeps out the sun. Hubby prefers blinds. I think blinds are ugly.

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