Increasing time with the family

 We have such a short time with our family nowadays. Parent's work and as well as their siblings' school work are so demanding to the point of having lesser time for the family to have fun together. They often times are on a hurry every morning not to be late at work and at school. Usually at an average people travel one hour every day just to reach their work place or school and during noon break time they eat their lunch at a different places. Is there a way to extend the family time togetherness? It's really possible through motor homes. This motor home can let the whole family do the morning usual routine while traveling to their office or school.
They can spend their lunch together during noon break time and do the usual routine once again when going back to home. With motor home you can always bring your home anywhere the family goes. Family togetherness is increased and the more time to monitor and help siblings with their work at school.


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