A patronizer of payday loans

I'm a patronizer of payday loan and also hubby. Last week, he purchased his long time dream appliance from the cash he got from payday loan. The appliance is a hifi sound system that can play a dvd attached on a television. He really loves it and did not hesitate of availing a payday loan. He said that he won't be stressed on paying back because it has a convenient mode of payment. We tried to avoid of hooking ourselves with loans before, but we end up with no major projects or expensive possessions.  It was only later that we have realized how the payday loan could help us on owning precious and expensive positions. We both like the easy and fast application procedure. We are so comfortable with it. 
Every night, we enjoy ourselves listening to classical music before sleeping and yesterday we enjoyed singing together our favorite songs. We'll never know our kids might become a singer someday. We provide an opportunity for our kids to uncover their hidden talents. And thats the reason why we did not have a second thought on applying for a payday loan just to buy an expensive hifi sound system. Everyday, we are excited to go home to watch a movie, sing a song and listen to music- that relaxes us.
Our monthly dues will be taken from our sidelines not from our main source of income. We plan to apply for a a cash advance next time- as soon as the payday loan is fully paid- to purchase the car we wanted.


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