Optimizing PC's Performance

We were really annoyed of our PC . It was always logging and a lot of unwanted windows appears upon starting the PC. Removing a program is not anymore possible. We've almost lost our patience. We're prevented to reformat it because a lot of files are stored. Files such as worksheet in chemistry and some research papers. We need to save our PC. Thankfully we were informed by a friend of mind that to solve this kind of problem is just to install a WinASO Registry Optimizer- It organizes the stored configuration settings in your PC. It can also remove redundant and invalid entries- that makes your PC log all the time.The software does a lot of things including registry cleaning, it works task such shortcuts cleaner, privacy cleaner, registry defrag, disk cleaner,and many more. Anyone can download WinASO Registry Optimizer anytime for free. Internet really has a lot of things to offer imagine you can use a software to optimizer your PC's performance for free. I didn't regret to have installed this software in my PC. We also discovered that it can also recover lost files quickly.
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