Improvised alcohol lamp

 Marking the can with a distance of 15 mm from the bottom and 55 mm from the top.

 distance is exactly shown on the photo above.

 bore a hole for cutting.

cut the marked area.

the top and the bottom parts of the improvised alcohol lamp

putting the top and the bottom together slowly by hammering.
This is to makethe body of the improvised alcohol lamp.

preparing the top cover

 preparing the wick by wrapping around a piece of tin scrap.

putting the wick inside the body of the improvised alcohol lamp(ial). 
An alcohol may also be poured inside the ial.

Functional improvised alcohol lamp is now in used. Thanks to the the 
NSTIC (National Science Teaching Instrumentation Center) people:
Marvin S. Maquilas
Leo M. Navarro
Gilberto O Laxina Jr.
Mariatita V.  Valenzona


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