Express in writing why knowledge of scientific methodology can be of value to researchers

Imagine what it is like to conduct a research without any knowledge of scientific methodology. Its like working without a direction at all. Its like solving a problem without knowing what to do first. Its like planning to fail.

What are in a scientific methodology? Scientific Methodology consist of:

a perceived discomfort and difficulty concerning life. One must be a keen observer of things around him to be able to identify some discrepancies present.
  • Formulating a hypothesis
After identifying the problem you will think and enumerate a list of possible solutions or explanations. 
  • Designing and Conducting Experiments
The hypotheses must be tested to prove whether its true or not by designing and conducting an experiment. Without this step a researcher will have difficulty of proving his/her claim.
  • Gathering of Data
Data are the concrete evidence to prove your hypothesis.
  • Interpret Data
Patterns and Relationships must be given meaning in this step.
  • Draw Conclusions
The meaning will be given a value in to the lives of human beings in this step.
  • Make Recommendations
In this step, further study and the usability of the research are well explained here. Without this researchers will not have an opportunity to improve this line of interest.


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