Enjoyed Outing

We celebrated Dad's Birthday last May 15, 2010. It was Friday Evening. We stayed overnight at Naawan Beach Resort. We had so much fun. My Son had a lot of his first time. First to boat, first to experience a night swimming and first to swim in the deep sea. He had the unforgettable outing in his life. Who else would provide an experience for them to appreciate how wonderful is life. Especially for young people. But we also experience discomfort and that is when we were in bed. We felt so uncomfortable because we're use to sleep in our own bed. The room facilities isn't that comfortable as when we are in our home. That night when we were about to sleep we wished for motor homes just like we've seen in http://www.campingworld.com- the world wide leading  seller of quality camping products. Some of the members of our extended family slept in the tent but the comfort isn't the same when you're sleeping in motor homes. Its like bringing you home to any places you wanted to go and when the night comes you will have a sound sleep...and fully enjoy the rest of the outing the next day.


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