The Bee Prohibited us from Playing Badminton; Immedite Bee removal is badly needed

 Its been a while that we haven't played badminton in our lawn. This summer the whole family decided to play badminton once again. Hubby and my son enjoyed playing badminton. They were laughing loudly and joking with each other how good badminton players they are then suddenly my Son shouted Oouccch!. He was covering his  right chick and his Dad rushed and checked what made our son hurt. Then he found out that there is a black tiny fiber embedded on our son's right chick. It was the bee sting. Just in a few minutes my son's face swells badly. We medicated the swell and thankfully it subsided a little. We immediately looked for the beehive and found it on one of the trees near to our badminton playground. We tried removing the bee on our own but it kept on attacking us until we retreated and the bee won. We really don't have the knowledge about bee removal. The bee still dominated our badminton playground. We couldn't play badminton anymore. We need to hire the Bee Removal Riverside or else the bee will have the complete dominion of our playground.


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