My Son's birthday

 My Son's birthday is fast approaching and I made a promise to him that I'll give him a grand celebration no matter how limited are the financial resources. The last time I gave him a grand celebration was in his first birthday. Now he is turning eight years old this April 5, 2010. I really owe him a grand celebration being a top student in his class. This is my way of showing how important he is to me. Right now I'm offering him 2 choices where to celebrate his birthday, either at home or in the beach. He is excited and undecided as to where he would want to celebrate his birthday. Although, I have a bad credit personal loans but I think the unforgettable memories would worth more on his coming 8th birthday. After all money can be found anytime but the feeling of being love requires the best timing-and his birthday is the great time to let him feel how much I love him. 
I'll prepare one week before his birthday. If he decides to celebrate at home then I'll prepare many games for his visitors. I'll also send invitation cards to whoever he wants to invite. If he decides to spend his birthday on the beach then there will be no much preparation because his invited guests would just enjoy swimming. I really wish for a successful celebration. God bless my family.


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