Anne Curtis Nip slip, intentional or not?

I adore Anne Curtis beauty but she should be responsible to dress-up properly, since she already expected that she’ll be doing her dance stunts at Boracay. I really saw in youtube how her breasts came out after  tumbling into Sam Milby’s arms as they dance.  She was not able to notice it so soon, enough for people to record  a video and take pictures of the scandal she is into.
She should have worn a tighter swim wear instead of the one that she's wearing or extra vigilant while she's dancing. I don't know, it may also be unintentional because her breasts are too small no matter how tight is her upper swim wear it would just slip on its own. lol...
I think she cried because the public saw how small are her breasts. lol. This is a lesson to learn for everyone to be more responsible specially that many are looking up at you.


Pilosopong Noypi said...

Yah. Right. Actresses like Ann should be more concern on how they dress. They should be responsible enough.

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