Boy Scout Uniform

This is the uniform and accessories that my son will be wearing tomorrow during their boyscout investiture. I have taken a picture in case parents will be looking in the net to see how the boyscout uniform would look. My son would be wearing a boyscout shirt, brown sock, a cap, neckerchief with a wooden ox or kalabaw (to put the neckerchief in place), and belt . All of these must have a Pilipinas print.
I don't know if he is excited or just afraid to be late tomorrow because he really reminded me to wake him up early. Apart from these accessories shown, my son also would bring a candle, a love offering, and most of all that parents should bring is a snack for the visitors.
I don't why teachers in the elementary are practicing this, to require parents to bring snacks for the visitors. Not even one parents including me disagree on that requirement. I will not bring snacks for them tomorrow because I believe that teachers and any boyscout officials are public servant, they can work without expecting something in return.


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