I'm a hands on mom now

I'm a busy mom now. I'm the one taking care of my kids to school every Monday, Wednesday, and Thursday which started last week. Before, I let my mother-in-law took care of them but it turned me so unfulfilled with my life. It is so good that I discovered it soon and I was able to weigh that the greatest achievement that I could have is to be a mother to my kids. I'm a hands on mom now. It made my mother in law react negatively. She said to my husband that I don't "have utang na loob" since she was the one who took full care of my kids since birth. But what about my responsibility as their parent would I let go of that just because I don't want to hurt her feelings? What if in time that my kids will grow up and become bitter to me because I have not been a mother to them? I don't like that to happen. So I'm taking the risks as of now despite some refusals from my husband.
I wonder how many Filipinos right now whose husbands or wives' decisions are still dependent from their parents. We are so conscious of the saying utang na loob. We often allow our parents to take care of our kids while working. I don't know I'm still confuse on dealing this kind of problem. I'll just cross the bridge when another conflicts come again.


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