YES-O Candle lights

The other Friday September 4, 2009, we held a science camp in our school for the first time. I was so thankful that the new set of science teacher coordinators took the challenge of initiating a science camp activity for the high school students.

Students had a wonderful time bonding with their peers. They even don't want the night would end.

I took a picture in one of the highlights in the opening ceremony during that activity as shown above. I was so touched when students lighted the candles and turned off the fluorescent lights inside the gym. Students sang a song -but i could not remember the title anymore. Students put the lighted candles standing firm on the floor one by one and forms the word YES-O, the acronym for Youth for Environment School Organization. This action portrays a significant message among youths that each one of them has a part towards the realization of the organization's goal and that is taking good care of the environment.


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