Story Telling Contest

Story Telling Contest one of the highlight of any YES-O science camp this year. Here the guidelines and rules:
  1. A maximum of five (5) participants per division shall be eligible to join the contest.
  2. The group must come up with an original story which has environmental relevance and significance. It should be in English.
  3. The story will be told in a creative presentation. One will narrate the story in a spontaneous manner while introduction and exit of the presenters. The presentation will be stopped when time is up.
  4. Musical accompaniment is allowed. The use of props and costumes should be kept at the barest minimum using recycled and non-expensive materials.
  5. Judging shal be based on the following criteria:
Environmental Relevance/Message-40%
Creativity and Spontaneity- 30%
Originality -20%
Projection/Overall Impact-10%
Total- 100%


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