Just risen from death

This was my son's Halloween costume (taken before night time) during our 2008 Halloween party costume contest just an exclusive contest and Halloween celebration in our subdivision that comprises 7 families in phase two housing project of Villa dona Subdivision. Although he did not manage to garner the major awards but he was acknowledge as the most gentleman during the party. He also won the apple bobbing contest- which played by drawing out the floating apples in a tub using his rabbit-like-teeth. He looks forward for that Halloween party this year. Halloween costumes that won the major prices were costumes like that of the super heroes and those scary costumes. Often times when attending a party like this, there is always a Halloween costume contest. So you as parents must be prepared at all times because winning would probably mean a lot to your child. You better Buy Halloween Costumes Online or in Halloween Store Near You, so that your child can have an unforgettable Halloween party experience. I'm just lucky that my child's positive attitude towards the party did not change. Only that he keeps on reminding me to buy a scary Halloween costumes for him to wear next month.
Though his costume wasn't very good I will try my kid's luck again to join another contest but this time it is not done in an exclusive housing subdivision but online; "Jack's Quest" at http://quest.halloweenadventure.com- a lot of prizes in store for us and they will be awarding many winners at different categories. I am inviting you to vote for my son or join the said contest yourself.

Halloween Adventure - Jacks Quest


Liz said...

He surely looks like a true gentleman, even covered with blood, lol. Happy Thursday!

A Simple Life

VanillaSeven said...

The blood stain look very convincing! Thanks for dropping by Anna :)

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