My colleague a physics teacher experience stigmatism but the correct term should be Astigmatism. By the way, what is astigmatism?It is an optical aberration that affects ones focused image. It is caused by an irregular shaped cornea and is corrected by using eyeglasses.
I was so surprised and envious that one day morning I saw my colleague wearing designer eyeglasses which I would admit is My favorite high fashion eyeglasses. I'm pretty sure that I would also look so fashionable wearing the same style of eyeglasses. When I asked her where she bought it, She answered me; didn't you remember you were the one recommended to me to save my money and purchased online $8 Rx eyeglasses. She further added that it was my advise of How You Can Start Spending Smart. Then in the afternoon on that they I revisited http://zennioptical.com and I found three interesting fashionable eye glasses that I like so much.


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