Poe Tree Writing Contest

Poe Tree Writing Contest in Iligan City. Here are the Guidelines:

a. Only one (1) contestant per division shall participate in the contest and only one (1) entry per contestant.
b. The poem may follow a verse, rhyme or meter pattern or be in free verse. It should be wholly original. The poem must have its original title.
c. The poem should revolve on the theme which will be announced by the contest administrator during the contest proper.
d. Filipino shall be used as the official language of the contest.
e. The entries must not bear the name, school or region of the contestant.
f. The alloted time for the contest is one and a half (1 1/2) hours, after which all entries shall be submitted to the contest administrator. Contestants may decide to submit his/her poem earlier without waiting for the lapse of the allotted time. Late submission shall be deducted 1% from the total score for every extension of five (5) minutes. A fraction of five (5) minutes shall already be considered five (5) minutes for purposess of deduction.
g. Judging shall be based on the following criteria:

Originality and creativity 30%
Relevance to the theme 40%
Writing style and construction 20%
Impact 10%
Total 100%


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