Kabataang Bayani ng Kalikasan Award

We have been joining in Kabataang bayani ng Kalikasan contest but unluckily have never won it. I'll need to post the criteria and guidelines to be reminded of how to win next time.
Here it is.

  1. There is only one (1) per division to participate in the contest
  2. Upon registration, applicants for the awards shall submit an essay on why he/she deserves to be included in the roster of young environmental heroes. The essay (at least 300 words) must be supported by properly labeled evidence such as appropriate and duly authenticated certificates, pictures, audio-visual presentation and others.
  3. The applicant shall be subjected to a panel interview.
  4. Judging shall be based on the following:
Essay Supporting Evidence 40%
Panel Interview 40%
Overall Impact 20 %
Total 100%


Anonymous said...

Thank you for this .It helped me a lot. I'm joining a contest like that this coming September 2011. God bless!

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