Environmental Quiz

  1. There is only one per dividion to participate in the contest.
  2. English and Filipino shall be used as one of the language in the conduct of the quiz.
  3. Questions shall focus on environment facts laws, current events, initiatives and other subjects pertaining to the environment and ecology.
  4. Each question shall be read twice by the quiz master. The contestants shall only answer as soon as the quiz master shall have read the question twice and have so indicated their time to write the answer in big bold letters. Countdown shall start immediately thereafter
  5. Contestants shall be given a maximum of twenty (20) seconds to answer questions that require computation. Other questions shall only be allotted ten (10) seconds.
  6. The contestants shall use tag boards and chalk to be provided by the organizers. The contestant is allowed to change answer within the time allotted for a particular question.
  7. The contestant shall raise their chalk as soon as the allotted time to answer is over.
  8. A total of thirty (30) questions will be given for three round, ten (10) of which for the easy round, ten (10) for the average round and another ten (10) for the difficult round. In case of a tie, a clincher question will be given.
  9. For the easy round, one (1) point shall be given for each correct answer, two (2) points for every correct answer for the average round; and three (3) points for each correct answer for the difficult round. five (5) point correct answers will be given to a clincher question.
  10. The highest scoring contestants shall be declared the winner.


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