Busy this week and onwards

Sigh... I'll be very busy this weekdays and including weekends. I'll engage myself once again with one of the most tedious tasks of teaching and that is checking papers. But of course the essence of real teaching lies on tackling the most tedious tasks. So I must take it joyously.

Checking of students' papers make a teacher analyze whether the students really learn the lessons. It will also serve as the indicator whether a teacher teaches the lesson so effectively, if not then new strategies or improvements of the lessons must be employed. Another steps also that the teacher must do if test results are not good is to provide remedial exams or classes.

I really understand the side of the students. A teacher must broaden his/her perspective. But of course sometimes there is also a point that a teacher must exercise power if students are lenient or timid to do his/her responsibilities. This is when negative reward comes in.

Good luck for the first quarter examination student! I hope you did all your best.


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