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Have you ever wondered on what are the bases of selecting the best web hosting? Many service providers are claiming that their services is the best but you would always think twice or many times evaluating their claim because we all know that they just said good things about their product to increase their sales. It is worth believing when it is coming from those who already purchased one. I have been blogging for one year already and I keep on observing things happening around in the the blogging community. also coached a lot of web designing contests and I always listen to the advices of many fellow blogger friends regarding which web hosting offers best services. Being an open minded, they often advice me to choose the kind of web hosting that is always up-to-date (one that always improves and keeps up with the demand of the clients).

I tried comparing hosting services availed by my fellow bloggers and the rest of the websites here are my observations:

  • Other website loads easily while others wont.
  • Others have very attractive design but other websites are so dry.
  • Other websites would sometimes experience downtime.
  • Other websites can easily get higher page rank while to others is so difficult
  • Other websites are easy to search using search bar while others are not.
  • Other websites has unlimited file transfer while others do not.
  • Others has unlimited emailing accounts while others do not.
Above mentioned are just one of the many things I observed in the internet business competitive world there are still a lot of things to see for us to evaluate for the best web hosting. It is better to listen from the those who have been around here for so long and they recommended top 10 web hosting sites:
  1. bluehost
  2. justhost.com
  3. inmotionhosting
  4. hostmonster
  5. HostClear
  6. SuperGreen Hosting
  8. 1&1 www.1aand1.com
  9. Go Daddy.com
  10. YAHOO! Web Hosting


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