Science Olympics General Guidelines

I'll be posting science Olympics Guidelines usually used in our school. I'll start posting the general guidelines first. The remaining science Olympics will be posted later on. I'd like to compile in my website to be used yearly and to have easy access.

General Rules and Guidelines

  1. In the construction of devices, what is not expressly prohibited in the written rules are allowed.
  2. For each event/game/ contest, the First Place winner will be given 20 points; the 2nd Place winners, 15 points; and the 3rd Place winner; 10 points.
  3. In case of a tie, each of the concerned teams will get the same points assigned to the particular winning position (1st, 2nd, or 3rd). If two teams tie for the 1st Place, each will get 20 points; but the next in rank will be declared as only a 3rd Place winner and will given only 10 points. If, on account of a tie, there are already three or more winners in the 2nd Place and 3rd Place, none will be declared a 3rd Place winner. If a tie occurs in the 3rd Place, each concerned team will be awarded 10 points.
  4. The over-all winners shall be determined by adding the points earned by the members of each delegation.


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