Content of Methodology

This section describes in sufficient detail the procedures employed in the research so it can be evaluated and repeated if necessary. Such description is important in evaluating the study.
The interpretation of the results of the study are taken in the light of the methods employed. The validity and reliability of the methods employed enable the reader to put more confidence on the results of the study. Reproducibility of data is a primary consideration in evaluating reliability of the technique. Validity of the methods ensures that the data gathered are relevant and appropriate to the problem being investigated.


The methodology section informs the reader of the steps undertaken by the researcher and how he did them. It includes the following:
  • all processes done during actual experimentation
  • all materials and amounts used in the study
  • description of experimental and control set-ups
  • kind of data gathered
  • number of trials and replicates done
  • description of the samples and reference population
  • management of sample plants and/or animals
  • sampling technique
  • identification and classificationof variables
  • chemical, physical and microbiological anayses of samples
  • manner of data collection, organization and processing
  • statistical analysis (test of significance)
  • limitation in the methods taht have been discovered during the study


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