Guidelines on Super Magnet Science Olympics

Super Magnet is another interesting science Olympics that students will usually enjoy. It will build a basic background on how electromagnet works. And it will help students understand the basic scientific concepts involve about it.

Super Magnet

Object: To construct an electromagnet that can support the largest load possible.

Team: Maximum of two (2) members.


  1. The electromagnet should be constructed before the contest and submitted for weighing before the contest begins.
  2. The maximum mass of the electromagnet should not exceed 200 grams.
  3. The electromagnet should be constructed in such a way as to leave two ends free (about 10 cm) for connection to a voltage source, preferrably a DC power supply of 3-5 volts. The same power supply should be used for all entries. If dry cells are used as the voltage source, the dry cells should be changed often so that the same voltage and current, as much as possible, will be used for all entries.
  4. The magnet will be dipped into a box of nails. The nails it lifts will be weighed.
  5. The average of three trials will be taken.
  6. The winners will be determined from the average mass of the nails lifted.


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