Guidelines and Rules on Playing Egg Drop Science Olympics

Guidelines and Rules on Playing Egg Drop Science Olympics. Many high school and elementary school students enjoy playing this kind of science Olympics. Try this contest in your locality or school.

Egg Drop

Object: To provide a container that will protect a raw egg when dropped from an altitude to a hard surface like a concreter flooring.

Team: Maximum of two (2) members. At least one (1) team member must be assigned to drop the container.


  1. The members of the team must construct (at home , etc.) the container prior to the contest.
  2. Each copntainer must meet the following specifications:

2.1 Maximum mass 30 g

2.2 Body size- the container must fit inside a rectagular box 10cm X 10 cm X 20 cm.

2.3 Parachute – 20 cmX20cmX 40 cm.

  1. A variety of materials may be used: paper, cardboard, foam materials (like styrofoam), rubber bands, feathers, string glue, etc.
  2. Fins and other aerodynamics paraphernalia may be added. They should not exceed the 10 cmX 10cm X 20 cm limit before the container is dropped. Also, they must not exceed a 20 cm X 20 Cm 40 cm dimension while in flight.
  3. At no time during the fall may any part of the container have any material exceed the maximum dimensions as outlined above. This allows for parachutes and other wind dragging elements, provided they remain within 20 cmX 20cm X40 cm dimensions throughout the fall.
  4. All containers must be checked in during registration. No further work will be permitted after the entry has been checked in.


  1. A grade A medium chicken egg will be supplied for each entry. Eggs will be furnished at the physcis olympics site. Contestants must be able to secure their eaggs in the containers within 10 minutes immediately prior to the drop.
  2. The container will be dropped from successive heights until a breakage occurs. The minimum height a container must survive is one meter.
  3. Between drops, repairs may be made provided no additional material is added to the container.
  4. The mass of the entry container will be determined before the first drop.


  1. In determining the winners, the following formula will beused:

Score= 100 X H/ M1.6

where H = greatest height in meters, attained without breaking

M = mass, in grams, of the empty container. The exponent places a high premium on econmy of design.

  1. The entry obtaining the highes score will get the 1st Place , and so on.
  2. In the event that the eggs still remain unbroken at the maximum height available in the area, the entries will be judged according to their masses. The lightest will be declared winner and if a tie occurs, both will be declared winners. (Example: If there are two First Placers, they will each get 20 points, but the next in rank will get only the points for the Third Placer.


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