Guidelines and Rules of Paper Tower Contest

Here is the guidelines and rules to follow in making or conducting a paper tower contest. Most students will enjoy joining this science activity. Tiring yet engaging.

Paper Tower

Object: To construct a free-standing tower of maximum height using a single sheet of bond paper ( long size).

Team: Maximum of two (2) in a team. No one other than those actually constructing towers will be permitted in the room ( or contest area) during the contest.

Materials: ( To be supplied by the contestant).

  1. Ruler
  2. One small roll of cellophane tape
  3. Pair of scissors and blades


  1. Each team will be given one sheet of paper at the start of the contest. Only one entry will be allowed for judging.
  2. The sheet of paper may be cut into pieces and reassembled as desired. Parts may be rolled, folded, or slit.
  3. Cellophane tape may be used to fasten the parts of the tower together. It may not be used to attach the tower to the floor or any other object.
  4. No other glues or tapes may be used. The paper may not be soaked, painted or chemically treated to add rigidity.
  5. A tower shall be declared free-standing if it remains self-supporting for more than 10 seconds.
  6. Height is determined by measuring the perpendicular distance from the highest point of the tower to the floor.
  7. Each team must complete the construction of each tower within an hour.
  8. The tree tallest towers will be declared First, Second and Third Place Winners, respectively.


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